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Interviews & Reviews

Media Showcase 7, July 1981.
A fascinating analysis of Russell's style and influences.
  The Lone Star Express 122, March 1983.
An interview with PCR.

The Comics Journal 111, 1986, Fantagraphics Books.
An article titled "Camp sensibility in comics" by Robert Rodi, focusing on gay aesthetics in Craig Russell's, Elaine Lee's & Michael Kaluta's (for Starstruck) works.

The Comics Journal 147, 1991, Fantagraphics Books.
Covering all of Russell's career, this is a must-read for anyone interested in his work. And he outed himself during this interview.

Musings 3, 1994, Calliope Comics.
A two-page interview.


Comic Book Artist 6, 1999, TwoMorrows.
A very interesting interview focusing on Russell's Marvel years (end of the 70's).


And, well, the one on this site, 1999.

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