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Pinups & Portfolios

Here's a real curiosity: a Scheherazade drawing done by P. Craig Russell in 1969. He's rather made a lot of progress since then!
A print of the legendary Undine, 1973.


Craig Russell drew six plates in 1979 for the Curse of the Ring portfolio, published by Schanes & Schanes. Apart from the fact that this is a beautiful work in itself, it is also interesting as an early foray of Russell in the Ring of the Nibelung mythology.

Two early illos published in Eclipse Monthly # 2, 1981, Eclipse.

Two pinups from Night Music 3, 1985, Eclipse.
Drawn in 1979 and 1978 respectively.
An illustration for the cover of a chapbook by Alex Gildzen, "Cat Scratches" (Kent OH: Toucan Press 1982). It's is called "The Poet and His Mews".
(Thanks, Alex).

Two promotional pieces done for the mail-order company, Bud Plant Comic Art.

A bookplate from the Ariane & Bluebeard deluxe collection, another one from The Weird of the white wolf collection and a third one from the Salome adaptation.
A drawing of Oscar Wilde for the Fairy Tales collections.

A print for the Fairy Tales series, and another sketch.
Another print for the Fairy Tales (1994).

A Death pinup for the Death Gallery, 1994, DC ; and a Desire pinup for The Sandman Special, 1991, DC.

And on the right, another one for a Sandman statue:

A card done for the Sandman series, and a promo piece done for Previews.

And here are seven small signed drawings:



I have no idea what character this is...

A card done for the Madman series.

A pinup done for Batman Black & White 3 and another for Legends of the Dark Knight 50, 1993, DC.

And yet another one, done for the first Hellboy collection.

Two back-covers, in Marvel Fanfare 8 and 10, 1982 ; and two pinups for issue 11 and 45.

The cover for Marvel Fanfare #6 and the one for the Marvel Team-Up Index, done with Sandy Plunkett.
Below is the cover for Marvel Fanfare #24, pencils and inks by Russell .

A Barry Windsor Smith-influenced Conan drawing from 1973, and a Wasp/Ant-Man sketch.
A beautiful (and big) poster Russell drew in 1987 of Mephisto, the Marvel devil-like character.

A pinup for Marvel Swimsuit. It must be said that the character in his birthday suit is Northstar, the only gay Marvel super-hero at that time. And please notice the background characters. Craig Russell must have had fun drawing this.
Illustration for a recording of George Crumb's music, 1991.

And another Marvel Swimsuit pinup, 1992. Thor's never looked so butch...
A portrait done in memory of a Kent State University student killed in a plane crash, 1992. With thanks to Alex Gildzen.

A cover for Hellstorm: Prince of Lies #18, Marvel, 1994.
Here's the colored version:

A print of Dr. Strange (1985).
A pin-up of Dr. Strange from Marvel Swimsuit 1995.
A sketch of Dr. Strange.

A piece done for the Arzach portfolio.

A scary drawing for The Lost 1, Caliber, 1996 (re-issued later by Chaos), an unachieved series drawn by Russell's pals Galen Showman and Jay Geldhof.
Another image drawn for Brian Michael Bendis's Jinx (1997).

A pretty drawing done for Jill Thompson's Scary Godmother : Bloody Valentine Special, 1998, Sirius. You can find Jill Thompson playing various roles in Russell's works.

Here is a plate drawn for the A Fall of Stardust portfolio (Green Man Press, 1999).
A pinup for Thor #57, Marvel, 2002.
A Batman sketch, 2002.

A poster for the American Library Association, 2003.
And a large, b&w version of that poster.

Here are seven sketches done in preparation for the poster:



The cover for Buffy #32, Dark Horse, 2003.
And here's the color version.
couvAC894The cover for Action Comics #894, DC, October 2010.
A drawing for a collection of The Sandman: Dream Hunters (2010).
A recent giclée print of The Sandman/Morpheus, and another recent Sandman drawing.
Two drawings for the Absolute versions of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, 2011.
A sketch of Brunhilde.
MF2012A poster for a fundraiser for the Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art, 2012.
couvDrM02The cover for Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2 (alternate cover), DC, 2012.