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An interesting splash page from Marvel Premiere # 7Before numbering his works, Russell did some issues of Marvel comics. Most are not very interesting artistically speaking (and the inkers usually did improve his work), but they do show how much Russell improved in a short time. Among others, he did Marvel Feature 7-9 (Ant-Man stories), Marvel Premiere 5 and 7 (Dr. Strange). You'll find some panels from these comics in the recent C.B.A. interview (see Interviews).

A two-page spread from Gates of Eden 1, 1982, Fantaco.
Russell reminisces about his high-school days, using numerous well-known photos from the era.

Fantasy Illustrated 1 - Spring Issue, 1982.
A short story, "The Hunting of the Hare", with two illustrations by Russell.

The Thief of Bagdad, 1987, Donning.
Russell drew a wrap-around cover plus fifteen illustrations, five in color, for this book, a reprint of the story which inspired the film with Douglas Fairbanks. Russell would come back to Bagdad with Neil Gaiman's The Sandman - see Opus 36.

The Scarlet Letter, 1990, Berkeley/First Publishing.
This is one of the Classics Illustrated. Drawn by Jill Thompson from script and layouts by Russell.

The Fall of the House of Usher, 1990, Berkeley/First Publishing.
Another Classics Illustrated. Russell scripted this adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's story, and also did the layouts. It was drawn by Jay Geldhof. Geldhof's expressionist style is quite suited to this dark family tale, and it seems to me that the morbid ambiance of Poe's story is well rendered.

Cover by Jim Lee.

The X-Men Annual 1, 1992, Marvel Comics.
8 pages by Russell in this comic, done in his cartoony style, and not one X-men drawn, since it is a prologue set on the Mojo world.

Four one-page stories in Negative Burn #4, 8, 30 and 37, 1993-94-95-96, Caliber Comics.
The first one is an adaptation of a piece by Schoenberg, and the second one is the story of a young boy 'carried away' by the Erl-King.
The third is from a song by Rossini, and the fourth from a song by Richard Strauss.
In 2007, Russell drew another one-pager for Negative Burn #12 (2006 new series), Desperado Publishing. Whispers of the Night (Geflüster der Nacht in the original German) is from an Alexander Zemlinsky piece.

Negative_Burn_v2_11_022Back cover to Negative Burn 10.Two sketchbooks, in Negative Burn 10 and Negative Burn Vol.2 #11 (2007).
The Elric pin-up and the three drawings below are from the first small sketchbook.
The page on the left is from the 2007 issue.

The Visitor in Ray Bradbury Comics Special Edition n°1 : The Illustrated Man, 1993, Topps.
Russell did the breakdowns on this adaptation of a Ray Bradbury story, drawn by Michael Lark, then a newcomer in comics.

Angels & Visitations, 1993, Dreamhaven.
A collections of short stories by Neil Gaiman, with one illustration by Russell, along with a portrait of Gaiman.

The Crow and the Pitcher (1993) in Classics Desecrated, 1995, NBM.
A one-page fable in the very funny collection of these fairy tales for grown-ups written by Doug Wheeler.

One page in Aliens: Havoc, 1997, Dark Horse.
This was a two-issue mini-series drawn by many artists.

WonderCon 2000.
One beautiful cover for the Wonder Con 2000 booklet, and another version of the same pose.

Russell has done the covers for DC Comics's The Spectre, from issue #19 to #27.
The drawings are gorgeous. See here for the pencils.

Here is a double-page spread from Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special, 2002, Marvel.

Russell has drawn a five-page sequence in Daredevil #65, 2004, Marvel.


Age of Desire
A 64-page, hardcover adaptation of a Clive Barker's story, 2009, Desperado Publishing.
Adaptation and layouts by P. Craig Russell, and art by Tim Bradstreet.

This book has a complex history, having originated right after Human Remains, when PCR intended to do the whole art by himself. Problems with the original publisher lead to the project first being drawn by Bradstreet (after PCR had already penciled a dozen pages) and then being abandoned, and it was published only in 2009. That being said, it's rather interesting to see another artist, whose realistic style works well with Russell's, pencil and ink from Russell's very recognizable storytelling.
With PCR's permission, I'm showing four pages from the ones he'd penciled before he left the original project, with Bradstreet's published pages underneath.