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The good witch from the West?Maurice Vellekoop is a professional illustrator, who's worked in various publications. He's also drawn book covers. Here is a little gallery

  • A very early painting shown to me by the owner of the original art, entitled "Inspiration just don't come when you call". It was done when the artist was at the Ontario College of Art & Design, in 1985 or just before.

  • Illustrations for various issues of the magazine Fast Company.


  • Covers for comics and books:

Vortex #13, Vortex Comics, 1987.
I Married an Earthling, Alvin Orloff, Manic D Press, 2000.
Lunatics, Bradley Denton, St Martin's Press, 1996.
Boyfriends From Hell, Kevin Bentley (editor), Green Candy Press, 2003.

  • Three other illustrations, the second one for a poster for a Drawn & Quarterly exhibition and the third one for a T-shirt available from Melt comics.

  • Here is a series of six prints named Greek Love, which are being sold by the Canadian bookshop The Beguiling.


  • A few other illustrations for various magazines -the originals are sold on the same site as above:
For Out Magazine For Esquire
For Esquire Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated For Vogue
  • Here are a few illustrations I've found on the net. I don't know what they were done for.

  • Two 2005 illustrations, for Glamour Magazine and Bride Magazine.

  • Eight illustrations done in 2008 for the Toronto Life magazine.

  • Four 2009 illustrations for a fashion magazine can be found here.