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Men's Room

The Men's Room series is a set of 6 pocket-sized books (two published as of February 2001) of wordless stories of a gay pornographic nature in the honored tradition of Tom of Finland's Kake stories.

They are published by Pas de Chance, a Canadian "small press emporium".


In both books, a trio a men have sex. That's all for the stories. But this is not a mere one-fisted book, this is a Maurice Vellekoop one-fisted book.
And as such, attention must be paid to the quality of the drawing... and to the humor of the situations.

The first book, entitled Artists and Models, shows what happens when an artist gets really close with his models. A nice use of colors (orange and grey) is in evidence here.

The second book, Big Business, has a Black exec, a Latino window-cleaner and an Irish (?) punk postman enjoy miscegenation at its hottest.
The great thing here is the way Vellekoop mocks sexual clichés: the Latino and the Black guys first meet, but these two big guys are at a loss when they discover they're both bottoms. It seems to me that this is a wry comment on the fantasies a lot of gay guys have about Black and Latino men. Well, maybe I'm reading too much here. Anyway, don't worry for these guys, they'll get their comeuppance when the third guys arrives. It's office life as it should be!
The other thing is the fact that these three guys are from very different social backgrounds. They probably wouldn't meet if not for the sex. Gay porn as a utopian class-breaking event... I guess the 70's are not dead yet.

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