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Other short stories

I know of two other short stories which are not included in Vellevision. The first one is "Out at the Movies" - nice play on words - included in Mind Riots, a comics anthology about lives of teenagers and their difficulties. I must say this is not my favorite Vellekoop story, maybe because his characters seem less alive than in the other stories. First time in a gay bar !The other one is "A Heterosexual's guide to gay cruising". This is the first story by Maurice Vellekoop I've ever read - Thanks, Gilles ! - and as such, one of my favorite. It's raining men... (and a few women, too).But objectively, there's everything in this story which is supposed to explain the gay point of view to a theoretical straight reader : gentle humor (why do gays always seem befogged ? They're looking at a guy !), clichés aplenty (the young gay gets a first job selling men's underwear), and drawings of all manners of men. It's at the same time very funny and affectionate for its characters. I'm still wondering why they didn't include it in Vellevision.


The ABC Book

This book is probably one of the strangest I've ever seen, and surely the only gay porn book that straights can appreciate.
The idea is very simple : Y is for Yokel offering a ride.for each letter of the alphabet, a word and a short sentence introduce a drawing of men having - or about to, or having had - sex (I'll let you imagine what are "Firemen sliding down poles" !). The characteristics of these drawings are the joy and pleasure which the characters are showing. They don't take all that too seriously, and they love it. It's sex as it should always be (at least for me...) : happy and fun.
Moreover, Vellekoop's art is at its best. The way he draws men is at the same time very sensual and slightly humorous, cartoony and strongly manly. The colors are also beautiful, warm and subtle.
It might be hard to believe, but I've shown that book to my straight friends, and they loved it. I think that a porn book which transcends sexual interest is something rare enough to be praised.
So, buy this book for yourself, for your lover, for anybody who enjoys sex and art. They'll thank you for it.

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