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The World of Gloria Badcock, a 24-page erotic comic, 2011, Koyama Press.
See my other site for a review, images and where to find it.

Maurice Vellekoop's Pin-Ups, a collection of all-new gay illustrations, 2008, Green Candy Press.
See my other site for a review and links to images.

A Nut at the Opera, a fun collection of opera-based illustrations, 2006, Drawn & Quarterly.
See my other site for a review and links to images. Here's a pdf excerpt.

Men's Room series, 2000-, Pas de Chance.

Vellevision, A cocktail of comics and pictures by Maurice Vellekoop, 1997, Drawn & Quarterly.

Maurice Vellekoop's ABC Book - A Homoerotic Primer, 1997, Gates of Heck.

Cover by Peter Kuper
"Out at the movies", a short story in Mind Riot, 1997, Aladdin Paperbacks.
Best of Drawn & Quaterly vol. 1, 1993, Drawn & Quarterly.
Cover by Maurice Vellekoop, includes some of his work for the magazine.
"A Heterosexual's guide to gay cruising", a short story in Drawn & Quarterly 6, 1991, Drawn & Quarterly.
From the July 1998 issue of "Out". Guppies, guppies everywhere.
Innumerable illustrations in various magazines.


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