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October 2012.

  • There's a good interview of P. Craig Russell at CBR, covering his love of opera and adaptations, as well as giving news of his next works. After The Graveyard Book, which he'll work on with Kevin Nowlan, Tony Harris, Galen Showman, Jill Thompson, David LaFuente, Scott Hampton and Michael Golden, he'll adapt Lois Lowry's The Giver.
  • I've added an entry for a PCR small sketchbook from 2007 (thanks, Luis), as well as another entry for his Opus #66, the last Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales, published a few months ago.
  • I've added a lot of covers and images: a 2010 cover for Action Comics #894, one for Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #2 (2012), a poster for a 2012 fundraiser, an older bookplate for an adaptation of Salome, two 2011 drawings for The Absolute Sandman, a sketch of Brunhilde, a drawing for a 2010 collection of The Sandman: Dream Hunters, two recent fine prints of The Sandman, a 1985 print of Dr. Strange, a 1994 print for the Fairy Tales, a 1969 (!) drawing of Scheherazade and a 1973 Undine print.
  • PCR is now working on an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book The Graveyard Boy. He will provide layouts, which will be drawn by other artists.

March 2012.

  • I've added an entry for PCR's very short Opus #67.

December 2011.

  • I've added a new Maurice Velleloop comic, The World of Gloria Badcock.

October 2011.

  • I've added an entry for The Spirit: Art Walk, a short story by PCR from a Will Pfeifer script, published in the recent The Spirit #17.

February 2010.

  • I've added an entry for Age Of Desire, an adaptation of the Clive Barker story by PCR and Tom Bradstreet, published last year.

  • PCR is still working on the two projects announced last October.

October 2009.

  • I've found a few more illustrations by Maurice Vellekoop, here, and there's also an early painting of his.

  • P. Craig Russell is working on two projects: an 8-page Spirit story by Will Pfeiffer, for the upcoming DC Comics series, and a 64-page Neil Gaiman story for Dark Horse. No dates given yet.

August 2009.

March 2009.

  • I've added an entry for the latest PCR work, The Sandman: The Dream Hunters.

January 2009.

  • I've added a portrait done by PCR in 1992, in memory of a plane crash victim.

November 2008.

  • With the artist's permission, I've added the ten plates from The Chimera, PCR's first opus, drawn in 1973..

October 2008.

  • I've added The Mighty 12, a Greek myth for kids book with illustrations by PCR.

September 2008.

  • I've added the new P. Craig Russell DVD documentary, Night Music.

  • The first issue of PCR's The Sandman: The Dream Hunters will be out on November 5. Three-page preview here.

July 2008.

  • I've added a few words about Neil Gaiman and PCR's Coraline.

  • PCR is working on adapting another Gaiman prose story, The Dream Hunters, with the Sandman character. I don't have an Opus number yet.

February 2008.

  • The Art of PCR book has been published. Very impressive and informative book.

  • PCR's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline will be published at the end of June.

  • The Mighty 12 (about PCR 20 illustrations for a book of Greek mythology) will be out in April.

  • I've added a PCR cover for Hellstorm #18 (Marvel).

October 2007.

  • I've added an entry for a one-pager drawn by PCR for Negative Burn #12.

  • I've added an Opus entry for a short Hellboy story drawn by PCR.

  • The Art of P. Craig Russell is coming!

  • The Dr. Strange Annual by PCR will finally be collected (and in b&w!) in the Essential Doctor Strange Vol. 3, coming in December from Marvel.

September 2007.

  • I still have no idea when the PCR adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Coraline will be published, but the artist has already announced his next work: an adaptation of The Dream Hunters, a novella from 2000 by, yes, Neil Gaiman, showcasing his Sandman character.

  • PCR is also doing illustrations for a children's book, The Mighty 12, for Little Brown.

  • I've added an entry for the new Marvel comic collecting the 1983 Gil Kane/P. Craig Russell adaptations of Jungle Book stories.

  • And I've added a lot of pictures in various places: a few b&w covers for the Ring, as well as various sketches and a really cute Dr.Strange pin-up.

December 2006.

  • In 1983, PCR inked a series of short comics adapting some of Kipling's Jungle Book stories, pencilled by Gil Kane. Those wonderful tales hadn't been shown again since, so I'm very glad that Marvel will collect them all, with a new cover by PCR. No release date yet.

  • PCR has finished drawing Coraline, and there are three, rather wonderful, color pages on his website. The book will be published in 2007, but I don't know when yet.

June 2006.

April 2006.

February 2006.

  • I've added a page with the list of (more or less) all the comics that PCR has inked.

  • Since the old site is down, I've obtained permission to put on my site the opus comments that PCR had written some years ago. For now, there are comments for opus #1-7, 11-13, 24 & 29-32 (see the opus pages here, here, and here).

  • PCR's old site is down, but there's a new blog at

  • I've added PCR's 1985 cover for Marvel Fanfare #24 (with thanks to Paul Kowalski).

  • PCR is still working on Neil Gaiman's Coraline.

August 2005.

  • I've added a few words about PCR's Conan mini-series, as well as excerpts.

  • There will be a collection for that story, in December, with a 16-page sketchbook.

May 2005.

  • All of Craig Russell's work on Killraven (that's opus 3 & 13) is going to be collected by Marvel in one volume, The Essential Killraven. The 500-page black & white volume will be available in July.

  • I'd forgotten to tell you that PCR won't work with Neil Gaiman on that Thor project for Marvel. But he should be busy enough for a while with the Coraline adaptation.

  • There's an 8-page preview of the second issue of PCR's Conan on Dark Horse site.

March 2005.

  • There's an 8-page preview of the first issue of PCR's Conan mini-series on the Dark Horse site.

  • PCR has announced his next project, after the Conan mini-series which is beginning in April: he's going to adapt Neil Gaiman's Coraline (a children' novel) in a 200-page graphic novel, for the book publisher Harper Collins.

December 2004.

  • PCR's forum is reopened, this time with a phpbb forum. Come and visit!

  • PCR's next book should be the Conan adaptation for which I've added an entry.

November 2004.

  • I've added scanned panels from the Daredevil sequence by PCR, which, unsurprisingly, is magnificent.

  • I'd forgotten to add an entry for the third P. Craig Russell Library of Opera Adaptations volume.

  • The Art of PCR book I was telling you about in July won't be out before the beginning of next year. The publisher, Desperado, will finally be an imprint of Image Comics.

  • PCR's forum is now closed, unfortunately. You can find him from time to time on the Lurid forum..

September 2004.

  • I'm so happy to have found a series of all-new illustrations by Maurice Vellekoop which are being sold on a bookshop's site, thanks to Christopher Butcher's blog. So, here's a series of erotic gay prints entitled Greek Love, as well as new (for me) illustrations. I've also added pages from Vellekoop's Vellevision, also from the bookshop's site.

July 2004.

  • Joe Pruett, formerly of the now-defunct publisher Caliber, is going to launch a new venture, Desperado. Among their first project, there's The Art of P. Craig Russell, a hardcover book which should be out for Christmas. It will be a mix of art and biography. More in the Newsarama article.

  • Daredevil #65 will be Craig Russell's Opus 60, I've added an entry.

  • Craig Russell is going to adapt a Robert Howard Conan story for Dark Horse, probably The Jewels of Gwahlur. That might become Opus 61, and should be done rather quickly, before the next project:

  • Craig Russell will work with Neil Gaiman on a Thor mini-series ("a six issue series that goes back to the original Norse mythology", said Russell) for Marvel. Gaiman won't finish the script before late fall.

June 2004.

  • Here are a few words about Craig Russell's Lucifer issue, which is opus 59.

  • Craig Russell has said "I'm doing a 5 to 8 page Daredevil/Capt. America story with Brian Bendis." That will be for a special issue of Daredevil, the 65th one, that will be published by Marvel.

  • I've added the fourth volume of the Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales adaptations.

  • Coming up next: the fiftieth issue of the Lucifer series, a spin-off of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman.

May 2004.

  • Here are a few words about PCR's Opus 58, as well as a scanned page.

March 2004.

  • Issue #50 of the Vertigo-published series Lucifer is in this month's Previews. 48 pages by PCR, to be published in May. There's a 5-page preview on DC Comics site. Do I need to say it looks gorgeous?

January 2004.

  • Excerpt and comments for Craig Russell's version of Mike Mignola's Hellboy.

  • Another one-page preview for Cavalleria Rusticana from the PCR forum.

  • I've added the last two covers by PCR for the DC series The Spectre.

  • I've found a cover by Maurice Vellekoop, for a book that's been published in February 2003.

  • I've added the entry and the cover to the second volume of The P. Craig Russell Library of Opera Adaptations.

  • NBM has announced the fourth volume of PCR's adaptation of The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde. To be published in April 2004.

  • I've added the entries for PCR's Opus 57 (The Hellboy short story) & 58 (Cavalleria Rusticana). Scans of art will be added when I get those comics.

December 2003.

  • The PCR Hellboy: Weird Tales # 6 short story is now in stores.

  • Here's the cover to PCR's adaptation of Cavalleria Rusticana for NBM, as well as a two-page pencils preview. That 32-page comic will be published in February 2004.

November 2003.

  • A friend of mine has lent me his copy of opus 55 (the short story in the Dark Horse horror anthology), so I've scanned the cover of the anthology it was published in, as well as a page excerpt.

  • I also want to add that the official PCR web site has been redesigned, and now showcases a monthly thematic gallery that includes some rare art.

  • And lastly, Craig Russell has given us a very interesting and detailed account of the way he's done the layouts for Neil Gaiman's Death story in the Endless Nights collection.

  • Sorry I haven't updated this site in 6 months, but I was rather busy, and Craig Russell didn't have any new work out. That is not the case anymore.

  • You'll find opus 53 (The Death story in the Endless Nights collection) and 56 (the Fables one-shot). Opus 55 has been published, but I haven't received my copy yet. Preview from the publisher here.

  • There's also a new collection of short Opera works from NBM, a new Sandman poster, a cover for the Buffy series and two small drawings of the Sandman and Death.

  • The upcoming second Opera collection from NBM should be published this month.

  • Also announced are a short story in an upcoming issue of Hellboy: Weird Tales (preview here) from Dark Horse, Lucifer #50 (PCR will draw the entire anniversary issue of the Vertigo series), and an adaptation of the opera Cavalleria Rusticana for NBM.

May 2003.

April 2003.

  • A page from the Russell-inked Wonder Woman run, and a sketch of Batman.

  • In the April Previews (for a June publication at the earliest), you'll find a Best of Ray Bradbury book from I Books, containing among other things Craig Russell's adaptation of The Golden Apples of the Sun.

  • In August, Dark Horse will publish Hauntings, a horror anthology including a short story drawn by Craig Russell.

March 2003.

  • I've added the alternate last page for the 1978 version of Siegfried.

  • The Isolation and Illusion collection has arrived. Russell's fans have a lot of reason to be happy nowadays. NBM will publish three collections of his opera adaptations, beginning in April with The Magic Flute. And there should be some new material in the upcoming other two collections.

November 2002

October 2002

September 2002

  • Two new collections of Russell's works will be soon published by Dark Horse. First, a thick hardcover collecting the Whole Ring of The Nibelung will arrive in November. See here. And then, Isolation and Illusion: The collected short stories of P. Craig Russell. Craig Russell said this will collect "Dance on the Razor's Edge (first b/w printing, as intended), From Beyond, A Voyage to the Moon, Gift of the Magi (with revised coloring), La Sonnambula, Isolation and Illusion (pencil drawing re-scanned, should be far superior repro from original marvel printing), The Insomniac, Breakdown on the Starship Remembrance, The Devils". 120 pages of rare works. What a dream come true.

August 2002.

July 2002.

  • Here is another PCR cover for The Spectre.

June 2002.

  • Craig Russell's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries has been published by Dark Horse -another beautiful Russell opus, and short information about the upcoming opus 53 & 54.

  • Craig Russell's covers for The Spectre.

May 2002.

April 2002.

  • Russell's Opus 50, though short, is a very powerful piece. Titles for Opus 49, 51 and 52 are also added (thanks, Craig).

  • Another sketch by Russell.

  • Two early illustrations.

March 2002.

  • Yay! A new Russell story. Ok, it's a Buffy story, but still, it's quite nice.

  • Announcing the two trade paperbacks collecting the whole Ring series, to be published in april and july 2002.

  • An illustration for opus 20, from the recent reprint.

February 2002.

January 2002.

  • A pinup by PCR for Jinx.

November 2001.

October 2001.

  • A few new (old) images by PCR. A splash page from Marvel Premiere #7, a cover from Rom and the cover from the Eclipse reprint of Star*Reach's Parsifal.

August 2001.

  • I'm beginning to change the way images are shown. For now, only the images in the Gallery section will be shown in a new fitting window. This works with IE 5.x and Netscape 4.7.

  • Here is a new navigation for the site.

July 2001.

  • I've added a custom 404 page. You know what you have to do if you want to see it :-)

  • A PCR illustration for the Angels & Visitations collection, the Star Wars comic he did with Showman.

  • More pictures in the Male Body gallery, by: David Mazzucchelli, Raymond Poïvet, Al Séverin, Gene Colan, Frank Miller, Jean-Claude Clayes, Alex Raymond, Will Eisner, Mike Mignola, Miguelanxo Prado.

June 2001.

  • Here is the page Russell drew for the Aliens: Havoc mini-series.

  • I've added a guestbook... please feel free to use it!

  • I'm beginning to add new images to the Male Body gallery.

May 2001.

  • PCR: I've added all the plates from the Curse of the Ring portfolio and the Mephisto poster.

  • Well, here is another design for the site. Such fun I have.

April 2001.

  • Added a page on Maurice Vellekoop's Men's Room series, the Classics Desecrated one -page story drawn by PCR (in Russell-Various) and a small signed drawing by PCR (in Russell-Pinups).

February 2001.

  • Small additions:

  • Added the cover to the reprint of PCR's Opus 6, as well as his work on X-Men Annual 1.

January 2001.

  • I've changed the navigation on this site. As you see, there are no more frames-within-frames, just one menu frame and another one for everything else. The menus were written in javascript, and not by me, but with a file from DHTML Lab.

Apart from new links, you'll find:
  • PCR:

  • A picture from PCR's opus 8, 17 and 31.
  • Cover and Images for the Classic Illustrated version of The Scarlet letter.
  • Two pinup of Elric (in PCR's Pinups).
  • A bookplate for the Stardust Portfolio.
  • The cover for the Marvel Team-Up index.
  • A drawing for the Sandman statue.
  • Maurice Vellekoop:

  • Lots of small illustrations from an issue of Fast Company, and also a few bigger pictures for book covers...
  • Two new illustrated books have been published, in the spirit of the ABC. You can see them there. I'll upload excerpts as soon as I get these books.

;July 2000.

  • Thanks to Nicolas Waldeman, another Russell fan from France, you'll find lots of new art by Craig Russell from his early days, and a few more recent (like a beautiful cover for the WonderCon 2000 booklet).

March 2000.

  • I've uploaded a few new pictures by P. Craig Russell: a two-page spread from Gates of Eden 1, 1982 ; plates from Russell's Curse of the Gods portfolio (1979).
    And of course, the big news is the beginning of The Ring of The Nibelung (see the Opus 46- section).

February 2000.

  • Here is the latest version of the site, with complete thumbnails to every pictures.

  • You'll find a few new pictures by Craig Russell in the Pin-ups section, including a Northstar and a Thor pin-up, a Scary Godmother really fun drawing, as well as a picture from his adaptation of From Beyond (Opus 29).

January 2000.

Added are :
  • Thumbnails for most pictures (along with a few more pictures, mostly covers). The rest will be added in a few weeks. As you will see, I've also separated the Opus list in three pages. I hope all that will make the pages easier to browse.
  • The P. Craig Russell Interview.
  • A portrait of Craig Russell by Mr. Dave McKean (go to the artists section)
  • a Madman card by Russell, and the cover of Marvel Fanfare 6 (in Various).
  • Links to Russell's and Vellekoop's publishers.

August 1999.

This site is now on-line. The opened sections are :
  • Craig Russell : Works, and an article about his two Dr. Strange stories.
  • Maurice Vellekoop : Works.
  • Links.